What do I feed my German Shepherd puppy?

Welcoming Axel, our German Shepherd puppy, into our home was a joyous occasion, and providing him with the best nutrition was essential for his growth and well-being. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the dietary needs of German Shepherd puppies, sharing insights from our personal experiences. Specifically, we’ll discuss our journey with transitioning Axel’s diet to Bil-JAC Puppy Select Formula at three months old—a decision that has significantly contributed to his health and happiness.

Understanding Axel’s Nutritional Needs

German Shepherd puppies, known for their energetic nature and rapid growth, demand a balanced and nutrient-rich diet. It was at the age of three months that we decided to transition Axel to Bil-JAC Puppy Select Formula, a choice driven by its reputation for quality and its focus on supporting the unique needs of growing puppies.

Choosing Bil-JAC Puppy Select Formula

Bil-JAC Puppy Select Formula emerged as our top choice for its emphasis on real meat as the primary ingredient. This high-protein puppy food also contains essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants crucial for Axel’s overall development. The decision to switch was guided by a desire to provide the best possible foundation for Axel’s health and vitality.

Feeding Schedule and Transitioning

Establishing a consistent feeding schedule with Bil-JAC Puppy Select Formula became a pivotal part of our routine for Axel. Transitioning him from his previous food involved a gradual process, mixing the new formula with his old food to ensure a smooth adjustment. It was heartening to witness Axel’s positive response to the change, both in terms of taste preference and the energy he exuded.

Personal Experiences

The transition to Bil-JAC Puppy Select Formula brought about noticeable positive changes in Axel. Not only did his coat shine with health, but his energy levels surged, showcasing the benefits of a nutritionally rich diet. It also made training sessions more effective, as Axel eagerly responded to the high-value nutrients in each serving. Our experience underscores the importance of choosing a quality puppy food tailored to the unique requirements of large breeds like German Shepherds.

Hydration, Treats, and Vet Check-ups

In addition to Bil-JAC Puppy Select Formula, we ensured Axel had constant access to fresh water, promoting proper hydration. High-quality treats complemented his diet, given in moderation to avoid unnecessary caloric intake. Regular vet check-ups became a consistent part of our routine, allowing our veterinarian to monitor Axel’s growth, adjust his diet as needed, and provide tailored advice based on his unique development.


Transitioning our German Shepherd puppy, Axel, to Bil-JAC Puppy Select Formula at three months old has proven to be a pivotal decision in his overall well-being. This personal journey emphasizes the importance of thoughtful nutrition, with the right puppy food contributing significantly to a vibrant, healthy, and happy life for Axel, our furry companion.

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  1. Hi

    Good write up and research , alot of tinned prepacked unhealthy convenient food … YT Dr Andrew Jones who as great advice ….How long will you keep Axel on this ? Then what Brand …we have a 7 Yr old Cassy.. who eats homemade and shop bought …

    • We are currently transitioning to the adult select formula and he seems to be doing great. we are also experimenting with some home made food also but don’t want to cut him short on nutrients. thank you for your comment.


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